Sustainable Saturday: DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

I love upcycling and creating new items or products out of existing materials or furniture. I have this thing for coffee tables, as it’s something that helps anchor a room, in fact i feel like a living area is not quite complete without one or even side tables!

front page(Image credit: My own styling shot in the style of Anthropologie)

I’ve made a few coffee tables from reclaimed wood or pallets before, and today I wanted to show you how to create the one in my styling shoot that I did in the style of Anthropologie that you can see in the image above.

What you’re going to need:

  1. Reclaimed pallet wood. You can either find a wood pallet from your local garden centre or see if there are in or outside of any skips, even at the back of supermarkets or industrial buildings/estates. I’ve often been lucky with asking some garden centres and them being happy to give me pallets as they end up being given more even when they don’t need them. For this project, I got my pallet wood from the Southampton Wood Recycling Centre for really cheap!
  2. A saw. Be it handheld/manual or with an electric saw. The latter is definitely easier but if you are strapped for cash and work space, a hand saw is the way to go!
  3. Sanding paper or an electric sander.
  4. A power drill. This is a must.
  5. Screws.
  6. Screw driver.
  7. Metal hairpin legs. I got mine from eBay, and they are recyclable because they are stainless steel and have not been coated or painted.
  8. Thinner pieces of wood for the underside.
  9. A tape measure.

The pictures in this post are from when I made the table, and they were only going to be used for my project as evidence of me making the table, so… Just be aware, they are not my best!


First, I measured the pallet wood lengths using my tape measure to work out how many planks I would need for the surface of my table and how long they should be. I then marked using a pencil (you can use a pen if that makes it easier to see) to show where I needed to cut the wood. Using a tv stand and existing coffee table as my workbench, which is very unprofessionally but also very student-on-a-budget-like, I cut the pallet wood where I marked it to get the planks at the right size I needed. This takes a bit of elbow grease but is a great workout!


I then sanded it all by hand and placed laid them out to get a feel for how the table top will look.

Next, I took the thinner planks of wood and laid them on top of the pallet planks to measure out how long they needed to be. I cut these to size as well and made sure that they would fit snuggly within the space left by the hairpin legs. I started placing some screws in the predrilled holes of the table legs in to the planks to start securing the ones on the edge in to place, ready for the smaller planks to be added on.

After that, yup that’s right! I hand sanded the smaller planks as well. I then took some nails and a hammer and attached them to the pallet planks. This helps support the table top and keeps tit all together and level.


For extra support, I added in some wood blue between the tiny open spaces between the planks. This helps lock everything together and strengthen it some more. The glue dries clear, however if you want to make it even more inconspicuous, you could mix in some sawdust as well. Leave the glue to dry and…



It’s all done! How great does that look!? Ok, admittedly this final reveal image is a bit yellow, I took it at night. However, it does look awesome in the styling shots like the first one in this post and in my blog post about the styling project based on Anthropologie which you can look at here.

This was such a great little project within a project, because it was inexpensive, did not cost a lot of money and only took a little bit of time and effort. I was so super proud of this and it worked really well for the styling shoot. I still own it now and I will most likely be keeping this table for a very long time. It currently lives as a display table for my indoor plants. I’ve left the wood bare for now, as I may want to paint it or add a stain to it in the future. I love how it looks at the moment, an eclectic mix of modern and rustic.

What do you think? Have you created anything you’re proud of and have kept for you home? I’d love to know and see what you have created!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Danica x



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