In The Style Of: Anthropologie

Hello there!

I thought I’d share an Interior Styling project I did at the beginning of my third and final year at University. The brief was to create a styling shoot based on and inspired by a company of my own choosing, and it had to be as if they were my client, and I was also required to create any promotional material that represents them as a brand.

Some of you may already know that I absolutely adore Anthropologie’s homeware collection, and I’ve also never seen them create promotional material that only showcased just their homewares. I felt this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that, as well as get my Anthropologie fix… I swear, they’re like a drug to me. If there’s a store nearby, I will be in there staring at all their cute and quirky plates, mugs, placemats, chairs, you name it!

Here’s a few of Anthropologie’s own styling images to give you the look and vibe I went for in my own shoot:

(Image credit:

For this shoot, I would need some of Anthropologie’s actual products if I am to pull off their style for the shoot, but I also had to get creative and come up with solutions for products and furniture as I was a student and on a tight budget. I wanted to go for a bohemian feel, as it’s a style I love and hadn’t had a chance to play with yet, and it’s one of the styles that Anthropologie is well known for.

Below are some of my images that I took in a photography studio and edited in Photoshop:

final 5

(Image credit: My own)

I built the coffee table out of reclaimed pallet wood and also decorated a rhinoceros head by decoupaging it with old book pages to look just like their Savannah Story Rhino bust. I also used my friend’s scarf as a blanket for the table styling. The hammered copper pot is from B&Q and the succulent and white pot are from IKEA. I photoshopped the rhinoceros head on to the background as I couldn’t hang it on the studio backdrop.

final 1

(Image credit: My own)

I arranged their drawer knobs like a bouquet of flowers inside a small sake cup from Tiger. I bought the small cactus from B&Q and painted it with gold paint to make it look like one of the pots they sell in store. The B&Q hammered copper pot goes well with their own metallic candle holders. I used the same background textures as before in Photoshop to make it look like it was styled inside a professional studio and not infant of a backdrop.

final 6

(Image credit: My own)

For this shot I used my own duvet, which is actually from Wilko, a woven throw that my nana gave to me for when I moved to University, a tasseled cushion from Anthropologie and a pink cushion from Matalan.

final 2

(Image credit: My own)

I used the same items in the previous image for this styling shot, but also used a milk jug and teapot from a charity shop, which I then photoshopped one of Anthropologie’s existing collections patterns on to the teapot. I also used their own Old Havana cup, a copper teaspoon from ASDA and a wooden tray from TK Maxx.

final 3

(Image credit: My own)

In this image I created flowers and petals out of tissue paper and styled a variety of products from Tiger, IKEA, charity shops, ASDA and Anthropologie. I then added a concrete texture to the background/floor in Photoshop, as well as the same floral pattern on to the bigger teapot.

final 4

(Image credit: My own)

For this I just styled the ceramics together and then added the concrete texture and floral pattern in Photoshop. I love the mix of textures, colours and patterns in this one, it looks really eclectic!

final 7

(Image credit: My own)

In this image I used the ivy again, and a woven placemat from Anthropologie tied up with some twine and styled on top of an IKEA plate with the copper cutlery from ASDA. This is to give a sort of rustic dining vibe. I styled these items on top of a plain piece of calico fabric and the coffee table I made.

final 8

(Image credit: My own)

And this is a close up of the table set up but with a different cup and an amethyst coaster from Anthropologie, styled in front of the same plant from B&Q (before I painted it) and a concrete planter I made. I used some brick wallpaper from NEXT for the background.

Below is the small A5 promotional booklet I made in the style of Anthropologie, where I took inspiration from their website and their own leaflets and booklets for the layout and fonts for the design:

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What do you think? Does it look like Anthropologie? I loved this project, it was so much fun and it really made me fall in love with Interior Styling. Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you have any enquiries about styling, please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page.

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading!

Danica x

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