Concrete Planters: The must have item for your plant babies this Spring/Summer 2019

Hello friends! I know what you might bet thinking, concrete planters aren’t a new concept or a brand new invention. Planting, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, is back in fashion in a big way with the rise of conscious and mindful consumerism. More and more people are looking to have plants in their homes because of their health and well-being benefits. As proven with Biophilic design, just having plants in your home can help improve the indoor air quality in your home and also improve your mood and mentality.

This is one of the many reasons why concrete planters have become the must have interior accessory to coven. No two planters are the same, even when created with the same mould. There are so many different colours, shapes, patterns, sizes and textures available when it comes to concrete planters, so I am not surprised that they have become to popular!

Below I have listed some of my favourite designer makers that create their own concrete planters with a twist. Once you see what they have lovingly crafted, you will be sure to want some of their concrete planters in your own home!


Molley Designs

Emma Molley is a designer-maker and concrete wizard. Her concrete accessories are so incredibly unique! Molley is experimental with her creations with shape, texture, colours and patterns which really sets her products apart from the mass produced homeware accessories you see online or on the high-street.

Succulent plant pots:

(Image credit: Molley Designs, Etsy)

These succulent planters are perfect for this who are not green thumbs and want real life plants but without the hassle of having to water them every day. How gorgeous does the organic, rough texture on the concrete look against the vibrant green leaves of the succulent plants? A great meeting of industrial style and nature.

Macrame concrete sphere plant holders:

(Image credit: Molley Designs, Etsy)

A clever twist (pardon the pun) on her spherical concrete tea light holders, changing them and adapting them into hanging macrame planters! I love the contract between he rough exterior and jagged edges of the concrete against the soft, colourful thread of the macrame. This would make a great focal point in a corner of your room above your reading nook, above your bed as a canopy, in your office space above the desk or displayed proudly for all to see in your window. Each individual macrame piece Molley has created is unique and these would look fantastic in a bohemian interior scheme as well!

The Summer Collection:

(Image credits: Molley Designs, Etsy)

These are probably my favourites from Molley Designs of all time! Colourful marbled effect concrete planters! It’s such a fun and vibrant take on the usually grey concrete plant pots. How gorgeous do these look? These are perfect for colour lovers that are looking to add something truly special to their home. What’s even more fantastic, is that all of Molley’s creations are multi-functional. If you feel these are too pretty to be used for plant-life, you could use them as candle holders or a jewellery dishes instead!

To check out more of what Molley Designs has to offer, just take a look at their Easy page here.


Concrete Candy

I have been a big fan of Concrete Candy’s products for a while now. Sarah, the founder of Concrete Candy, has a genius way of playing with colours and combining different materials to create truly one of a kind pieces.

(Image credits: Concrete Candy)

I love the contrast and also harmony of the concrete base and the colour tops. No two plant pots are the same, with the tops being made up of different materials such as resins or jesmonite. They come in many different colours, finishes and sizes, with some of the tops having an almost terrazzo effect to them. These planters go with any interior scheme and are one of the most instagram-able and stylish concrete products I have seen.

(Images Credits: Concrete Candy)

Concrete Candy also don’t do just plant pots. They have an array of different products available from coasters, wall clocks and incense holders to lollipop and pudding inspired sculptures, Candy Concrete’s accessories are works of art.

If you want to see what else Concrete Candy have available, simply just check out their website here.


Fruit Salad Studio

Fruit Salad Studio is an independent homewares and decor shop based in Brighton. They make some wonderful little plant pots that are perfect for your succulents and other plant children!

(Images Credits: Fruit Salad Studio, Etsy)

What I love about these plant pots is how organic the colours and textures look within the marble effect pattern of the concrete. All the colours work well together, especially the terracotta orange where it looks like rusty copper, which really adds to and fits in with the industrial, rustic feel of the plant pots. The dark grey and white pots look stunning when paired with a pink backdrop and would work well in both masculine and feminine schemes. These would make the perfect gift for loved ones or be the perfect accessory for your windowsill or desk, be it at work or at home!

You can see all of the different planters Fruit Salad Studio has for sale here.


Green Living Glasgow

I pretty much squealed with excitement when I saw these planters! How adorable are these Bulbasaur and Oddish concrete plant pots!?

(Images Credits: Green Living Glasgow, Etsy)

These pokemon planters are perfect for a little planting starter pot for little ones (or pokemon loving adults as well). Children now days are always watching tv at home or on their own iPads or gaming with friends online, and with consumers and younger generations becoming more environmentally conscious and aware, what better way to start teaching little ones on how to look after plants and to take care of plants (and also the planet) than these Grass Pokemon inspired plant pots? Any kid (cough-adult-cough) would love to have one of these in their room! I mean… I really want one for myself! Now if only someone could create a Gloom themed planter or even Ivysaur or Venusaur.

Not only do they sell plant pots, but you can also purchase little plant friends to go with them from their online store!

You can see their range of plants and planters here.


Crafty Little Cactus

If you are really a bit more worried about the carbon footprint in regards to delivering your concrete planter, then there is a designer-marker in London that creates Bulbasaur and Oddish planters.

(Images Credits: Crafty Little Cactus, Etsy)

Crafty Little Cactus have a variety of different concrete plant pots that are the perfect homeware accessory for a geeky friend or to fill your geeky needs! Not only do they have pokemon planters, but they also make concrete planters inspired by other franchises such as Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

(Images Credits: Crafty Little Cactus, Etsy)

How cool are these Star Wars themed planters and this Groot plant pot? These would be the perfect gift! Only difference I can see between the two Bulbasaurs is that Crafty Little Cactus looks to be a bit smaller in size, however you can still use it as a starter pot. How adorable would a larger succulent look on tieback of this little Bulba? Definitely thinking of getting one for myself!

(Images Credits: Crafty Little Cactus, Etsy)

Crafty Little Cactus also have different shapes and sizes of planters available for those that aren’t that in to comic books and sci-fi! Look at these adorable little geometric planters. These look ultra-modern and sleek, and I love that you can either have them sat on their own or stack them up to create your own work of living plant art! All of these items would make beautiful gifts, even the more tongue in cheek ones. Another pot that I would have to buy! It’s just too good to pass up. I can also see a few that I may have to buy my partner as well.

You can check out all of Crafty Little Cactus’ glorious geeky accessories here.


Maison Des Pauvres

Maison Des Pauvres is a Hampshire based company owns by two sisters that have a love and fascination with concrete. Their ethos is to find the beauty within the imperfections of the material and celebrate it and they are inspired by the Japanese view of Wabi Sabi. Each product is hand mixed, hand proud, painted and sealed to ensure that you get the highest quality product.

(Image credit: Maison Des Pauvres, Etsy)

Their products certainly are unique and beautiful with it’s imperfections. I love the contrast between the rough gold paint and the dyed concrete, where you can see the porous exterior showing through in the cracks of the paint. I also love that their concrete planters are solid with their colours, which sets them apart from other designers. I can really see these being styled within a gorgeous kitchen that has brass or gold accessories on the handles and lights, or on a coffee table amongst some gilded coasters or candle holders (which these talented ladies also sell in their shop). I’m especially obsessed with the concrete gold moon wall hanging plaque. May need to get my hands on one of those!

You can see the whole range from Maison Des Paupers on their etsy shop here.


DIY Concrete Planters

Want to try your hand at making your own concrete planters? It’s super easy to do and inexpensive to make. Below is how I made my own concrete planters when I was studying at Uni a few years ago:

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 19.47.08

(Images Credit: My Own)

All you need is:

  • Concrete mix, which you can buy from any DIY shop
  • An old juice carton or ice cream tub
  • Scissors
  • A stirring stick
  • Water
  • A cup (preferably paper) as the hole in the plant pot (I used styrofoam cups back then, which I now know is a big no no, so please do use recyclable paper cups or a solid cup that you don’t mind reusing for concrete planter moulding)
  • A scalpel


Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 19.48.03

(Images Credit: My Own)

Cut the carton in half or to which ever desired height you’d like your concrete planter to be. Really have a look at the carton and where about you want your plant to pop out from.

(Images Credit: My Own)

Once you have done that, mix up your concrete with water. What I did was I just kept adding a little bit of the dry mixture and water together until I was happy with the quantity and consistency. When you’ve reached a stage that you’re happy with how the concrete mixture is looking, tap the carton or tub on the table top or on the sides to let out any air bubbles that may have gotten trapped when you were mixing it all together. Then place the cup in to the centre and press down. Secure the cup with masking tape (again, silly young naive me used sellotape, which did the trick but is not very environmentally friendly) and let it dry for 24 hours. Once that is dry, you can cut away the card or tub using a scalpel.


(Images Credit: My Own)

And ta-dah! You have your very own concrete planter! I love how mine turned out and I still use them today! I love how you never know how they are going to turn out and every plant pot is unique. For example, I used an left over plastic soup pot for the rounded one that came out really smooth and sleek, yet the orange juice carton’s exterior texture is all rough, rustic and organic.


I have a feeling that I may end up accumulating quite a few new concrete planters by the end of the month! What do you think? Are you loving the concrete planter trend? Would you want to try and make your own? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Danica x

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