Keep: Zero Waste Shop in Farnham!


Sign in the main café of Okomoko.

A Zero Waste shop has opened up not too far away from where I live! Keep is a packaging free, eco friendly and sustainable shop that started out at a local market in Godalming and has now set up permanent residence in a 100% plant based café Okomoko on Downing Street in Farnham.

View of zero waste and cruelty free personal and house cleaning products.

They’ve set up shop in one of the rooms upstairs inside Okomoko and I love what they have done with the small space they’ve got to play with. Now don’t get me wrong, this room is bigger than my own bedroom, but they’ve managed to fit a lot in there which is more than enough for their customers and what they need!

IMG_0766Any plastic bags they do have, they allow customers to take home to use as bin bags, which is still finding a use for them!

I got to meet the owner and founder of Keep, and had a lovely chat with her about her shop and how she came to source her loose ingredients. I’ve always been curious as to how zero waste shops source their bulk foods and she was kind enough to show me her stock cupboard. I can confirm that all their bulk buying foods come in big potato sack or material bags!

IMG_0751Shelf with loose ingredients in jars on display, ready for customers to bulk buy in their own containers.

What’s fantastic about this shop is how they’ve decorated the room with items that are second hand, recycled or reclaimed. Nothing was bought brand new, and that really is in keeping with the message they want to send out to their customers. The huge display cabinet was already part of Okomoko’s furniture, however the white shelves and the repurposed ladder-shelf are all their own that they’ve sourced elsewhere.

There is something so satisfying about their display of loose goods, where you can scoop the food and ingredients you need in to your own jar or container, then have the staff weigh them for you on their scale at the centre island/counter of the room.

Tons of eco friendly homeware products on display.

In one corner of the room they have homeware goods that you can use in the home, as well as for on the go. They had a natural wicker carpet beater, straw baskets and bowls, pottery and ceramics from a local ceramicist, bamboo and stainless steel straws, coconut bottle brushes, bamboo dish brushes, rice bran organic food wraps, coffee cups and all sorts for your every day needs at home or for when you are out and about. They even had charcoal filters that you can put inside your reusable water bottles to filter your water.

IMG_0976My own ecoffee reusable bamboo cup with William Morris’ Strawberry Thief pattern.

I noticed that their coffee cups were all the William Morris range and I even spotted the exact same one that I bought from Amazon with Morris’ Strawberry Thief pattern on it. I absolutely love this cup and use it whenever I can, even at work! It’s made from Bamboo fibres, is dishwasher safe and is great for when you are commuting to and from work. It comes with a little tap that slots in to the drinking hole, to prevent it from spilling. Ecoffee Cups have a range of different patterns, so fear not if you aren’t a William Morris fan or if floral patterns and motifs are just not your thing. You can even get a plain coloured one, they cater to everyone!

Shelves filled with large bottles of cleaning products with pumps attached to them, perfect for customers to come in and refill any of their own bottles with the cleaning liquids they need.

It is great to see that in another corner of the room, they had a refilling station for your laundry detergent, washing up liquid, floor cleaner, etc. The list goes on for how many different cleaning products they have for the home. They also had cleaned out plastic water bottles that you could buy and use to refill with the cleaning liquids, another way how they are using plastic for another purpose instead of just chucking them away and clogging up the already full landfills.

A second hand wooden ladder that’s been repurposed in to a shelf is a fantastic idea and it look incredible with the different personal hygiene items on display.

Along the right hand side wall is this gorgeous repurposed ladder that has been turned in to a shelf. It displays an array of different personal hygiene products. These include solid shampoo bars, conditioner bars, organic reusable cotton make up removing pads, bamboo toothbrushes, stone soap dishes for the bathroom, cream deodorants in glass jars, the list goes on! So many choices and it was lovely to see they have my new favourite solid shampoo bar from Friendly Soap for sale, too! All the soaps smells incredible and I’m sure the ladies thought I was a bit weird going around sniffing all the soaps, but I can’t help myself! To the right of this ladder is another shelving unit with cards, postcards and items from local crafters and also a basket of wooden cotton reels for sewing machines! It’s great to see that Keep are promoting local artists and crafters. Okomoko is a very community based cafe and they often source their food from local resources, farmers and bakeries to sell and promote to their customers and it’s fantastic that Keep are doing the same!


Keep is the first completely Zero Waste and packaging free shop that I have been to and I am very impressed with everything they’ve done and how far they have come! If you are ever in Farnham, I highly recommend that you go and check both Keep and Okomoko out for both shopping and to try out the plant based food that is prepared fresh on site.

IMG_0061camera raw filter 02Bag designed and made by the insanely talented textile designer Ali Cottrell, and my mini haul from Keep: bamboo straw, bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel straw and natural rice bran and cotton reusable food wraps.

Now, you know the drill. I can’t seem to go in to any of these shops without buying something. However, I didn’t buy anything for just myself, I actually bought things for other people! I’ve decided that I’m going to be making some of my loved ones their Christmas presents this year, which will be themed around going as plastic free as possible, but that is for another blog post for another time. I did buy this stainless steel straw for myself and it was the last one they had left! I can’t wait to try out the food wraps and the steel straw!

You can follow Keep and their journey and progress on instagram here. Also follow their Facebook page!

What do you guys think? Have you been to visit Okomoko and Keep yet? Is there any packaging free shops near you you’d think I’d love and want me to check out or write about? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day everyone! x

One thought on “Keep: Zero Waste Shop in Farnham!

  1. Hi Danica. Loved reading your article, and really impressed how the people at Keep have embraced the plastic reduction concept. Reminds me that years ago, Body Shop offered a similar service whereby your empty BS product bottles could be refilled. So it’s nothing new!
    I’d love to try out the service at Keep in Farnham but being conscious of my carbon footprint, as a resident of Fleet, will wait until it’s available locally before committing long term.


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