Christmas Gift Guide: Beautiful and unique gifts from 3 Designer Makers you need to check out

I am a firm believer in buying gifts that are truly unique and the best way to get something for your loved one is a present that no one else is going to have. With all the adverts on tv, we can get enticed in to buying from large supermarket stores and retailers, but what about those with independent businesses?

It’s so important to support local and small businesses, because purchasing from them really does help, makes a difference and you just know that they have spent a huge amount of time and effort making their products to sell. You know it’s going to be high quality, handmade/designed and one of a kind! Not only will it make the designers happy, but it will also be a more thoughtful gift than buying something everyone else will have!

Below are some really cool online independent designers, makers and entrepreneurs that I think you should check out either for yourself or your loved ones this Christmas!


LP Style House

(Image credit: LP Style House)

LP Style House is an interior accessories brand that specialises in hand drawn and painted patterns that are digitally printed on to fabrics and made by hand in to cushions, wall hangings and key rings. Lee Puddicombe is the design genius behind LP Style House, who has a background in art and design. The patterns he designs are bold, fun, colourful, vibrant and just absolutely stunning! Which is a complete reflection on who he is and his personality. If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home for next year or to put a smile on your loved ones face, then LP Style House is a one stop must shop destination for all your interior needs! The inks used are water based and digital printing is less wasteful than hand printing, so Lee’s products are environmentally friendly as well!


Holly the Illustrator

(Image 1 & 4: Holly the Illustrator. Image 2 & 3: My own)

Holly the Illustrator is the design love child of Holly Walsh, who as you can guess is an illustrator. Holly’s work can be seen in a number of magazines where she’s done design work for front covers and full page spreads! There’s something really special and whimsical about Holly’s style of drawing that people are drawn to, and I’m sure that you will be the same! Over on her Etsy, she has tons of products to browse and fall in love with, for example: postcards with her illustrations on them in delicious pastel colours, an adorable naughty kitty christmas card and a 2019 calendar! Perfect as gifts this festive season. She also has some badges and little sleeping crescent moon accessories for sale. I have some myself and I can honestly say it is incredible, amazing quality and I love them!


Molley Designs

(Images: Molley Designs)

Molley Designs also specialises in interior accessories! However their designs and items are beautiful in a truly unique and different way. Designer maker Emma Molley is someone that loves to utilise her creativity through her hands and is fascinated with the materials she can use to create truly gorgeous pieces that anyone would be proud of displaying in their home! From planters and candle holders made from concrete to intricately laser cut wooden coasters, there is something for everyone over on Emma’s Etsy page! Her products are eco-friendly as well because the materials are sustainable!


Honestly, I think these guys designs and products are fantastic and will really make a statement this season!


What do you think? Should we be shopping more with local businesses? Do you buy from designer makers yourself? Who are your favourite designers to buy from?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!





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