5 Ways to Update your home without breaking the bank

Spring has most definitely sprung (the weather this week has been gorgeous!) and you may be thinking of decluttering, spring cleaning and sprucing up your home for a little refresh. However, if you’re like me, you haven’t got the budget to do a full refurb!

Fear not! Whether you want to follow the trends or inject more of your own personality and style, below are some budget saving tips and tricks for updating your home.

Soft Furnishings

(Image credits: Cluster-Cluster, John Lewis, IKEA, Maison Du Monde, Maison Du Monde)

Changing the soft furnishings in your home is probably the easiest and key way to create a new interior scheme. It helps you bring in patterns, textures, colours and can be in the form of anything that is a loose textile product. This includes cushions, rugs, throw blankets, bedding, tea towels, table cloths and curtains, the list goes on! You could mix and match the cushions and throw blankets you already have, or you can buy a few new bits and pieces such as new bedding or a new rug.

Decorative ornaments, accessories & plants

(Image credits: Maison Du Monde, Tulipa In Design, Amara, My Own)

Buying new decorative ornaments such as vases, miniature sculptures, ceramics, lampshades or even paper weights can make a room scheme look different and new. Try mixing and matching with some of your existing accessories or styling the ones you have in a different way to create the feel of a new look. Adding in some plants to the space adds pattern, texture and colour. This could be in the form of a potted plant, a faux plant or even a fresh bouquet of flowers in a brand new vase styled on the dining table, kitchen counter or on a side table in the living room. Introducing fresh flowers to the room will really uplift your spirits and give you that spring feeling for when the weather (let’s be real here, this is England we’re talking about where the sunshine never lasts for long) turns grey and miserable again. Repotting existing plants can also give your home an update with minimum effort. It helps encourage your plants to grow as well as making you feel good.

Artwork, posters, photographs & mirrors

(Image credits: Design Inspiration, Satori Design for Living, Pinterest)

Changing or swapping around artwork, photographs or adding in a mirror can really make a space look different. There are so many different ways you can display your chosen artwork and images. You could display your images as a gallery wall in your own designed composition, showcasing all your favourites together. Or, perhaps you could hang a large piece of artwork as a feature piece. You could swap the artwork from upstairs and downstairs as well, really play around to see what feels right for you. Mirrors help bounce around and reflect light and help to open up the space.

Try looking at brands and superstores such as IKEA, Matalan, BHS, Homesense, H&M, Sainsbury’s Home, George at ASDA and Tescos Home for inexpensive, on trend items.


(Image credits: Maison du Monde, House BeautifulIKEA)

Adding a lick of paint to any room in the house automatically gives the space an instant refresh. Why just stick to walls? Why not try painting the ceiling as well for a dramatic and fun look? Or painting architectural details such as door frames, coving and skirting boards. You could get creative and paint parts of walls or make your own pattern out of geometric shapes, or design a burial to add some interesting details and a customised feel. This medium gives you many possibilities of how you can transform your space!


(Image credit: PinterestGalapagos DesignsMr. Kate, MuckNBrass, White Rabbit Vintage)

It is international Earth Day and what better way to help the environment and update your home than upcycling?

Upcycling an existing piece of furniture is a great way to not only save money and be creative, but also a fantastic way to really customise something, inject your personality and make something unique and original to you for your own home. This can range from painting a piece of furniture, picture and mirror frames, cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens, decorating the surface with some wallpaper you have left over, to reupholstering some seat cushions or making cushions from scratch out of scrap fabric. It could also be something as simple as changing the knobs on your chest of drawers.

Head over to DIY stores such as B&Q or Wickes to find their own paints or other brands for your interior and upcycling projects! B&Q also have their own wallpaper collections and some homeware pieces too!

I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can give your home a reboot on a low budget without hurting your bank account! I’ll be using some of these ideas for my own bedroom as it is in desperate need of some TLC.

Happy Earth Day! Hope you’ve been enjoying the stunning weather this week and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Danica x

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