A Trip Back In Time: How The 70’s Are Making A Come Back

Have you found yourself being drawn to circular, more rounded styled furniture, textile wall hangings and ochre coloured paints and textiles lately? That’s possibly because the glamorous style of the 70’s is now back in fashion and infiltrating the Interior world.

03.cartier_02(Image credit: Vincent Leroux)

This New 70’s Glam has a more polished, contemporary feel to it. Everything is a lot brighter, more opulent and streamlined, but with some textural, natural pieces to help keep it grounded and bring in some juxtaposition and contrast. Below are some of the key pieces to help you give your home a modern blast from the past:

Circular/Curved Furniture and Accessories

(Image credit: Hannah Bort)

The biggest key ingredient for this look is the shapes of the furniture used within the space and scheme. Softer, more curvaceous shapes and lines are what you need when creating this luxurious look.

f18_masquespacio_interior_design_photo_bruno_almela_yatzer_0(Image credit: Yatzer)

The type of furniture you use to bring in more curves can vary. If you are in need of a new sofa, try looking for tub shaped sofas, armchairs or even more squared sofas with curved arms would make a great alternative. Rounder sofas can add juxtaposition against more angular pieces and the can break up any lines in the room.

Kelly-Wearstler(Image Credit: Kelly Wearstler)

You can also look for curves in other pieces of furniture. Try adding pieces with circular shapes such as coffee tables, side tables, shelving, mirrors, ornaments and anything you can think of!

Gold and Brass

1ec88d9e4e17ed76ce02ec68991d9343(Image credit: The Design Files)

Brass and gold metallics are definitely in, replacing copper and rose gold. These metal are making a huge appearing in furniture such as tables frames and dining chairs, as well as accessories and lighting.

screen-2(Image credit: Kelly Wearstler)

Don’t be afraid to be more adventurous with these metals. They help bounce light around the room and give it a more opulent feel. Why not try some shelving or cabinets made of brass like in the above image? Set against a dark wall it can look not only stylish but also can give the space a high end industrial look.


901a8ab5eae7f08d793a952daf803644(Image credit: Madame Magpie Vintage)

Wicker was a huge part of 70’s interiors and design, almost everyone owned at least one or several pieces of wicker furniture in their homes. Wicker since then has been used mostly as garden furniture or pieces placed inside of conservatories, however this year it’s definitely made a come back!

ef8c5ba9cc00b7f397c9fd7c81dfcc4d(Image credit: Topista)

Using wicker in your space with more luxury pieces will add contrast to the scheme and help warm it up with it’s natural wood tones. It will also calm down the room a bit if you feel that going all out luxurious is not quite your style, and add a tropical and bohemian accent to the space.

The Shag Rug

(Image credit: The Glitter Guide)

The shag rug has definitely seen a revival in today’s interiors! It adds another layer of texture to the space and contrasts well against other materials such as wood, stone or concrete.

(Image credit: The Rug Seller)

There are lots of different designs out there that you can buy for your home that features solid or mixed colours, shapes and patterns across them. Some shag rugs have different textures on them such as tassels or pompoms. Or you could create your own shag rug from scrap pieces of fabric, to make it really unique to you and your home. There are tons of tutorials online on how to make your own!


3d524673038040704675209f2ba170163cf9ee5c_image-1.png(Image credit: Made.com)

Near to the end of 2017, we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of terrazzo and it hasn’t stopped there. Terrazzo has become one of the most popular materials to be used for surfaces in interiors across the globe. Using terrazzo in your home could add interest and a focal point and can be used throughout the house and not just in one area. It can also help introduce some colours that could then be reflected in your furniture pieces.

51ba4a08336c2627b02338891dccb2d4(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Adding terrazzo to your kitchen as a counter top or splash back could look really funky, classy and contemporary all at the same time. You can match your cabinets to the colours in the terrazzo or you could contrast it with different colour to make it pop.

marmoreal-18_1024x1024-max-lamb(Image credit: The Culture Trip)

Terrazzo would also look fantastic as a key feature and focal point as part of a bathroom design. This would take a lot of commitment to this fun material. You could have a counter top with a matching terrazzo basin to create a seamless design, or use the terrazzo to define areas within the space, such as the shower and bathing area to make it really eye catching like in the image above.

(Image credit: Graham & Brown, Graham & Brown, Ferm Living)

For a much cheaper alternative, why not try using terrazzo wallpaper to create a feature wall, or highlight architectural details such as panelling, the ceiling or even upcycle some of your furniture that you can’t bring yourself to replace.

30002547-01-product(Image credit: BHS)

Or bring in terrazzo in your decorative accessories, such as lamp bases and shades, coasters, patterned plates, cushions, etc., as another cheaper alternative to bring this gorgeous, patterned material in to your design scheme. BHS has a range of bedding, cushions and lighting that has terrazzo patterns and designs on them which are inexpensive but still look contemporary and sleek.


022abacbd595e8b6c3ea96a54df93112(Image credit: Amara)

Velvet has been extremely popular in the last couple of years in interiors and is thought to be one of the most luxurious materials to use in the home, and that is not about to stop any time soon! This sumptuous fabric gives this new 70’s revival a sophisticated and elegant look, whilst still being trendy.

Epsom-corner-sofa-and-Broughton-ottoman-e1518446985451(Image credit: Made About The House)

A velvet sofa is key aspect for bringing this look together. However, don’t panic and starts thinking that you need to through out your sofa to make this look work! You could simply get it reupholstered if you feel it needs a bit of an update, or reupholster your arm chairs or dining tables, it don’ts have to be expensive and stressful. This material adds a layer of softness to the room, so even if you have a square sofa, it will still have that 70’s feel.

(Image credit: BHS, H&M)

Another way to save time and money is bringing in velvet accessories such as cushions and curtains. It’s a simple and easy way to bring details from this trend in to your current scheme. You could even buy cushions or make your own with patterned velvets, which is also trending right now!


75d48fdc6b2468ce87da6c74784ad8db(Image credit: Tapas na Língua)

I know, you may be thinking that this is more hippy dippy and bohemian than 70’s, but believe it or not, these were the must have home accessories back in the day. My grandpa use to make macrame plant hangers himself and even sold a few! Who knew that my grandpa was trendy!?

13dbc1941a42065c25b3e83626ba25e0(Image credit: Ranran Design)

It’s not just macrame plant hangers that are popular, it’s also macrame wallhangings, as well as woven pieces that are becoming the must have wall display for the home.

(Image credits: Home Girl London, Soul Makes, Pinterest)

These would make the perfect DIY project! Accessorise your macrame with some decorative details such as colourful ropes and threads, colourful or natural wooden beads, thread on some crystals, dip-dye, you can really make it your own! You can also create your own wallhanging by weaving your own and playing around with different thread and wool thicknesses, colours and textures.


circus-pouf-small-dark-red-697067(Image credit: Amara)

Foot pouffes are the must have accessory for this trend! It could be used as another surface to display a throw blanket or a decorative tray. It also double as extra seating for when you have guests over and gatherings.

(Image credits: Pinterest, Pinterest, Maison Du Monde)

Leather moroccan pouffes are what’s seen to be the footstool of the moment, but you could opt for others that could link to any other textures such as the ones mentioned above: velvet, macrame, soft (faux) fur, jute or anything you like that would fit the type of 70’s glam look you’re going for.

Decorative Walls

f5_henrietta_hotel_london_photo_karel_balas_yatzer(Image credit: Yatzer)

Another popular feature is having decorative walls that go along with these luxurious items. For example, the diamond shaped tiled wall in the above picture looks very high end juxtaposed against the curved mirror and chairs.

02.cartier_02(Image credit: Vincent Leroux)

Moulding and panelling is seen to be the favoured style with this design scheme, which adds more interest, plays with light and shadows and gives it a traditional and more grown up atmosphere.

(Image credit: House & Garden)

Other wooden decorative walls that have been seen with this revival are parquet, chevron or wooden tile walls. By using wooden tiles or parquet on your walls, it not only adds some pattern to the space, it also adds a warmness and links to the natural environment.

Orb Lighting

5d8a128e47d233d24ffddc97aaaad8409379bf4c_TLPFAY004BRA_UK_Faye_Brass_Tangle_table_lamp_LB04a(Image credit: Made.com)

One of the most sought-after lights around in the industry, these beautiful globes with gold fixtures and stems really do make a statement and exude luxury. Pretty much all homeware retail stores have their own orb light designs, to name a few: Made.com, BHS and Amara have some gorgeous ranges.

HANNAH_BORT_STYLIST_SL37-1(Image credit: Hannah Bort)

These lights can also come in different finishes, the second most favoured to gold is black. That way it can fit in to any colour palette and work to suit your tastes.

ic-t1-high-table-lamp-brushed-brass-688560(Image credit: Amara)

They’re great for making a room feel atmospheric, just look at how this Flos table lamp glows! Modern and sleek, these lamps look like works of art. They are the perfect lights to have when decorating your home, no matter what you’re style is!

70s Colour Palette

It’s not just the style of furniture from the 70’s that has made a comeback, it’s also the colour palette of that decade that is resurfacing in to our homes. However, it’s not in the same way that is was back then, so do not panic thinking you’d have to redecorate your bathroom in avocado green from ceiling to floor with an amber glass lampshade and a salmon pink bathroom mat. Unless, that’s your jam and it’s your dream bathroom then go for it! It’s a lot more playful and sophisticated, though I’m sure at the time that was considered modern and THE bathroom suite to have. Below are some images I found of how these colours have been used together to create a more harmonious colour palette, where everything is more balanced.

DULUX_2018_Kinship_living-room(Image credit: Dulux Australia)

Peach is a HUGE favourite this season, not just in the 70’s revival trend. It’s thought to be the colour that will replace millennial pink as the new pink, as it were, and we are likely to start seeing a lot more decorative accessories and fabrics with this colour across the board. As of right now, there’s not a lot to choose from that has this colour in them, however you could source some fabric and reupholster your existing pieces or even create some scatter cushions to start bringing the colour in to your space. Peach could range from salmon pink to dusky pink to terracotta and, they all look lovely together as shown in Dulux Australia’s image they used for their colour trends to look out for this year. Avocado green is also back in fashion and works wonderfully with peach. Burgundy has also seen an increase in popularity and works well with both peach and avocado green.

0725996cfe026f505b5668eb914aac28(Image credit: Lighting Stores)

Playing with the different tones and shades of these colours, with lighter and paler peaches playing against darker, more emerald-like greens works well together and makes the room look quite fancy. Yellows such as ochre or mustard add a nice pop of colour and gives the room some interest, it also works well with the gold in the room, like the image above.

a1199c17c6aaecb18c1f6618ef37af332a0d8e81_made.com_revival-dining_at_012(Image credit: Made.com)

Complimentary colours such as dark, inky and/or teal blues paired with burnt or rusty oranges are also a great colour combination, showing that the colour blue is still reigning supreme in interiors as it has done over the last few years. Yellow is also being displayed along with these colours which helps brighten the space a bit more from the moody palette but also adds a nice contrast, making it lively and exciting.

(Image credits: Hannah Bort and Ben Anders for ELLE Decoration
March 2018 Issue)

Aubergine and other more earthy shades of purple as well as softer, paler tones such as lilac, have been seen paired up with more dusty and dirtier pinks and rusty colours. This fits perfectly with the colour of the year, although it’s Ultra Violet, it’s within the same colour umbrella of purple. Painting your walls with this colour, paired with any of the colours mentioned above will give your home an stylish ambience.

LG1_5687-e1518446751641(Image credit: Mad About The House)

Greenery make an appearance in this colour palette in other shades. Yup, the colour of 2017 is still going strong. This is due to our want and need to be more connected with nature and being more conscious with what we have in our homes and what we’re doing to our planet. Whether it’s using real plants, fake plants or even plant patterned fabrics or wallpapers, we want something that gives us that link to the outside environment. If avocado green is not your thing, then why not try going for a moss green or a sage green instead? It’s still neutral, a natural colour and they look luxurious and work wonderfully with the other colours above.

Get The Look

IMG_3485My Show Home mood board for Claude Hooper Interiors

I created this mood board for Claude Hooper Interiors a couple of months ago, and I based on the New 70’s trend. The brief was for young professionals in new London apartments, and I felt that the mood board should have a very modern feel to it. It features curved furniture, gold/brass lighting fixture with globes, lots of luxurious velvet upholstery, mixed natural textures and, brass and black metal finishes. The colours I used were peaches and avocado greens,  brighter and lighter colours such as yellows, dusky pinks and sage greens, as well as bringing in some darker tones for a sophisticated look, such as emerald green, burgundy, navy blue and grey. The furniture used in the moodboard are taken from their list of stockists, such as habitat, made.com, sofa.com, Coach House, Maison Du Monde, Cult Furniture, and Amara to name a few.

Below are some product boards I created that are inspired by the mood board above and a list of where to find the products used, to give you some ideas on how you can bring the 70’s look in to your home. Some items and products aren’t listed by these companies anymore, so I’ve added some alternatives that could be used:

Living Area

Claude Hooper trialLiving Room Product Board

Clockwise from the top left:
Wallpaper: Watered Silk Wallpaper in grey from Cole & Son
Paint: Cornflower white by Dulux
Curtains: teal blue curtains from Made.com
Ceiling light: Faye brass large chandelier pendant from Made.com
Clock: Cloudnola structure wall clock from Cult Furniture, alternatives from Made.com and Amara
Copper mirror: Kartell All Saints round mirror in copper from Amara
Gold mirror: Amara no longer stock a gold tinted version of this and I’m unable to find a similar one, however using a gold framed mirror will work just as well! For example, this mirror from made.com
Sun mirror: Mosaic sunburst mirror from Coach House
Shelving: EKBY MOSSBY grey shelves from IKEA
Accessories: House Doctor sculpture from Amara, Serax Cactus Vase from Amara, similar cacti shaped vase form made.com and maison du mode, similar blue vase from maison du monde
TV unit: Zabel media unit from Swoon Editions
Chair: Normann Copenhagen Ace lounge chair in lake blue from Amara, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they stock the burgundy/dark red version of this chair anymore
Dining table: Haku dining table from Made.com, and in another colour
Rug: similar grey rug from maison du monde, made.com, john lewis,
Armchairs: Betty armchair in willow from sofa.com, Peggy armchair in powder pink form sofa.com
Floor lamp: Bodil floor lamp from Blue Suntree
Sofa: Teal 2 seater or 3 seater Melvin sofa in teal from Cult Furniture, similar Margot 2 seater sofa in peacock blue or forest green from Made.com, also available in matching armchairs.
Cushions: DIHYA cushion from Maison Du Monde, similar blue velvet cushion from BHS, Missoni Home Sausalito cushion from Amara, Mongolian sheepskin in purple from Cult Furniture, scatter cushion in willow from sofa.com
Table lamp: Flos IC T1 high table lamp from Amara
Side table: Notre Monde round tray table from Amara
Armchair: Peggy armchair in powdered pink from sofa.com, Betty armchair in Willow wool fabric from sofa.com
Pouf: Normann Copenhagen Circus pouf in dark red from Amara
Coffee Table: similar style coffee table at Habitat, maison du monde,

Bedroom 1

Claude Hooper trial2Bedroom 1 Product Board

Clockwise from top left:
Curtains: light grey curtains from Made.com
Ceiling light: Tangle chandelier pendant light from Made.com
Paint: Steel parade by Dulux
Wallpaper: Paste the Wall wallpaper in parsons green by Designers Guild
Cushions: Zeoppritz soft fleece cushion in royal blue from Amara, plain cotton cushion in spruce blue by John Lewis, silk cushion in paprika orange from John Lewis, design project cushion in emerald green from John Lewis, Ryker grey patterned cushion from Made.com, Solar cotton cushion in mustard yellow from Made.com
Table lamp: Pico table light from Blue Suntree
Side table: Aspen lamp table from Cult Furniture
Bed: Hayllar double bed in aegean blue from Made.com
Chest of drawers: similar from Maison Du Monde,
Wardrobe: AULI/ILSENG wardrobe in ash veneer from IKEA

Bedroom 2

Claude Hooper trial3Bedroom 2 Product Board

Clockwise from top left:
Curtains: light grey curtains from Made.com
Ceiling light: Adhere pendant lamp by Blue Suntree
Paint: Satin bow by Dulux
Wallpaper: Cranes in Flight wallpaper from Harlequin
Wall light: Kartell E wall mounted lamp in green from Amara
Cushions: Faux fur cushion in mulberry from John Lewis, Missoni Home Coomba cushion in T65 from Amara, design project cushion from John Lewis, silk cushion in coral from Amara, Solar cotton cushion in mustard yellow from Made.com
Table lamp: Broste Copenhagen Caspa table lamp from Amara
Bedside table: The faux leather ostrich bedside table from Coach House is out of stock, however they have a similar one in stock that looks almost identical here
Vase: LSA Vases from Amara, they don’t stock this green vase, but they do have a moss green and sapphire blue
Planter: Hanging planter from Maison Du Monde, alternative hanging planter from Amara
Bed: Roscoe double bed in dusky pink by Made.com
Chest of drawers: These chest of drawers are from Maison Du Monde, however they don’t stock them anymore. They do have something similar called Carlotta and another called Salome
Wardrobe: AULI/ILSENG wardrobe in oak veneer from IKEA

What do you think of this 70’s rediscovery and love affair? Do you think it’s a style that you could have in your home? What’s your favourite from this trend? What would you not have from this trend in your home? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, apologies for being late with this update! Have a great week everyone!

Danica xx

4 thoughts on “A Trip Back In Time: How The 70’s Are Making A Come Back

  1. Not really big fan of the 70’s style , Some people think that the style was awesome . The 80’s decor was very difficult to style your home . And today very. ??? Even are wadges are stuck in 70’s .Really enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you for commenting and for reading! I apologise, I’ve only just seen it! It’s not for everyone but there’s definitely elements of the new 70’s revival that I love! What sort of style are you in to?

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  2. I have a 1970 Claude hooper large sofa and two chairs in leather and corduroy stunningly stylish and contemporary would you be interested in buying ?


  3. I have a beautiful 1970 Claude hooper large sofa and two armchairs in leather and corduroy stunning bottle green anyone interested in buying. Amazing quality


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