Sustainable Saturday: Meet Crea-Re Studio

For those of you who don’t know, Crea-Re Studio is a product designing company by designers Maria Fiter and Marco Migliorisi in Barcelona that make lights and lampshades out of recyclable materials.

“We believe that properly designed interiors have a positive impact on our mood and state of mind.”

Even their name “Crea-Re” speaks volumes about what their designs are all about: creativity and recycling.


Pluto Lamp
(Image credit:

Each shade is made from recycled newspaper that’s made in to a paper pulp and moulded in to lampshades. Each shade is different to the next in terms of size and texture, making them all truly unique and one of a kind. Even the lamp bases are made from unwanted wood that has been upcycled in to something new, modern and useful, saving it from going in to landfill. When Fiter creates the bases, she only uses water based varnish and beeswax to finish them, which adds to the the products being eco friendly and sustainable.

Metamorfozis Blue Table Lamp
(Image credit: Crea-Re)

“Many of our projects are made from recycled materials: lamps made from unwanted newspapers, lamps from clips, shelves from wood which was doomed to be thrown out, bags made from old truck tarpaulin. We are against  disposing things. Crea-re gives a second life to the objects.”


Clothes Peg Lamps
(Image credit: Design Milk)

How fantastic are these? I love it when designers are conscious about the environment and work hard to create something that is not only functional and eco friendly, but is also beautiful and visually appealing.

What do you think of these lampshades? Would you have one in your home? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to check out their other designs and products, visit their website here:

Thank you for reading!

Danica x

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