Blendworth: Heritage

On my course, I have been given lots of opportunities to work with live clients. One of these opportunities was to design a textile and wallpaper collection based on the theme of Heritage for a surface design company called Blendworth.

This meant I got to visit Blendworth. This was very interesting and insightful, and I got to have a sneak peek at their newest collection before it was revealed for Spring/Summer 2016.

Heritage is such a large and diverse subject, from stately homes to traditions, the list could go on but I don’t want to bore you. When I think of Heritage, I’m reminded of the beautiful landscapes and country sides that the United Kingdom has to offer. The collection was to be displayed in visualisations of a Luxury Country Hotel based in the New Forest, so plants and animals seemed like the perfection topic for my designs.

I took inspiration from the New Forest and I thought about how I could link animals even more to Heritage. I came up with the design Victorian Birds and Daguerreotype Cameo where I’ve painted British birds wearing Victorian waistcoats and top hats. I like adding a quirky twist to my designs.

birds purple danica younghusbandbirds and yew pale green danica younghusband

For the next design, I studied the shape of a Passiflora and how the vines of the plant twist and turn. This lead me to creating a wall cover design where it looks like the Passiflora is growing up the wall.

passiflora terracotta danica younghusband

And for my final nature designs, I took to the trees… Ok, not really. I did however paint Silver Birch trees to create a stripe design to be used in the lounge of the New Forest Hotel. I then used the same birch tree motifs to create a check design.

birch trees blue danica younghusbandcheck 03 danica younghusband

I created the visuals using Vectorworks and Sketch Up.

Blendworth Hallway Board Danica YounghusbandBlendworth Lounge View Board 01 Danica Younghusband Blendworth Lounge Board 02 Danica Younghusband

I think all the ground colours in the designs work well together in the space. The patterns help bring the outdoors in, and to really give clients and hotel guests that they are in the New Forest. I like mixing traditional furniture with modern pieces, so I used mixed metal accessories with dark wooden furniture and my colourful surface designs to achieve the overall look I wanted.

I then had to create a logo for myself and create a brand for the second part of this project. I used my logo, inspired by my heritage, Protea (national flower of South Africa), my name (it’s different) and my love (obsession) for the Art Nouveau movement, to then create a promotional pack:

IMG_4405 IMG_4407 (3)

I loved this project! It was so much fun to create new designs and to create my own logo, brand and promotional pack.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Have a lovely day!

Danica x

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