A colour lover’s kitchen: Why you should be brave to go bold with colour in your Kitchen!

I’m not entirely sure if you all know that I currently work for Wren Kitchens as a Kitchen Designer. This has been an amazing opportunity for me to design kitchens and utilities for people of all walks of life no matter what their budgets are.   Majority of the time, most of my customers go for more neutral or grey colours within their kitchens. This is due to the belief that if they go for a grey, white or beigeRead more

Visiting my first Kitchen I designed

Hello there! So, I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but I’ve been working for Wren Kitchens for about 6 months now as a kitchen designer! It has been amazing and I’ve loved every minute of it so far!   I’ve met so many different people who I have designed for, however these things do take a bit of time and it’s only now that their dream kitchens are becoming a reality!   A couple of weeks ago I gotRead more

Domestic Living: Lloyd’s Residence

Hello again my lovely readers! I thought I’d share with you another project I was lucky enough to do as part of my course, and that’s the open plan living area for the Lloyd’s family. My clients wanted a modern, sophisticated room that was stylish and also reflected their tastes and interests. The room needed to be family friendly as they have two children, but it needed to look grown up as well. I based the scheme for the roomRead more

Southampton Civic Centre: Art Gallery and Library Café

Hello there! This post is long overdue, however the final year of University was a hard one and I found I didn’t have time to update my blog. I also didn’t want to post my design up on here before my client got to see the design. This assignment was a live project through Southampton Solent University with Southampton City Council in my second year, where we each had to design a café either in the art gallery upstairs inRead more

Boh Café: Sustainable Futures

Hello friends! I was given an assignment for my optional unit to design and brand a café in the new building of the University that was sustainable. This meant that we could choose different elements that made the café sustainable, be it the decoration or the furniture itself, and creating a logo or brand image that reflected it’s interior and ensure that it is suitable for students and staff. The café will be hypothetically placed in the existing new Deli caféRead more

Blendworth: Heritage

On my course, I have been given lots of opportunities to work with live clients. One of these opportunities was to design a textile and wallpaper collection based on the theme of Heritage for a surface design company called Blendworth. This meant I got to visit Blendworth. This was very interesting and insightful, and I got to have a sneak peek at their newest collection before it was revealed for Spring/Summer 2016. Heritage is such a large and diverse subject, from stately homesRead more