Christmas Gift Guide: Beautiful and unique gifts from 3 Designer Makers you need to check out

I am a firm believer in buying gifts that are truly unique and the best way to get something for your loved one is a present that no one else is going to have. With all the adverts on tv, we can get enticed in to buying from large supermarket stores and retailers, but what about those with independent businesses? It’s so important to support local and small businesses, because purchasing from them really does help, makes a difference andRead more

Sustainable Saturday: Christmas presents

Let’s talk Christmas presents. I know this is a bit late in the game/month, but hopefully this will help if you want to be a bit more environmentally conscious this holiday. Every year we spend lots of money on gifts around this time for our family, friends and loved ones. Often these gifts are stored away, possibly forgotten or waiting to be used, or they are used straight away, once, a few times and then thrown out at the dumpRead more

12 ways of decorating differently for Christmas

So it’s now December (where has this year gone!?) and we all know what that means… That time of year where you dig out all your decorations from the loft, go out in to the cold, wintery air (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, which I am completely jealous of) to do gift shopping, hearing carols and merry songs constantly playing on the radio and needing to find time to get your home ready for one day. It’s Christmas time!Read more